It is difficult to find comb honey nowadays, but sometimes you can find a jar of liquid honey to which a piece of cut comb has been added. Before the invention of honey extracting device, honey is mostly produced in the form of comb honey. Today, very little honey is produced as comb honey.

Comb honey is raw pure honey sections taken straight from the hive, honey bees' wax comb with no further handling at all. It is the most unprocessed form in which honey comes the bees fill the hexagon shaped wax cells of the comb with honey and cap it with beeswax. You can eat comb honey just like a chewy candy. The wax can be eaten, or spit out. It really has no flavor itself. Because the honey in the comb is much harder to produce, supplies are limited.

Pollen granules are harvested by the bees from mid to late summer. This pollen is an excellent source of nutrition and tasty also!